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Disturbare / Observare

July 23, 2012 - Posted in art Posted by:

I shot this series of observation videos on the Redondo Beach Pier on March 17, 2012.
The wind was very strong that day moving nature in powerful ways.
It felt like the earth was a real live being.

The videos are rotated on purpose to make the animal aspect of earth more evident.
And strong movement.

Without the established sense of direction (gravity), we can look at things anew.

While I’m sure it (the rotating) has been done before, I’m not interested in “newness.”
“Newness” is a scientific concept.
This has nothing to do with science, but with (personal) experience (and feeling).

Most of the experiences in our lives, most of our feelings, repeat.
This lack of “newness” sits at the core of what of what keeps us alive: natural cycles.

The videos create the right experience at large scale, which is unfortunately not very possible with YouTube’s low resolution… but it’s worth a try. (So expand to full screen for a blurry experience and change the resolution – gear button – to the highest.)

It might be fun to play them all simultaneously.

As with all my art, this online project has not been conceived for a gallery setting but for public enjoyment.