Disturbare / Observare

I shot this series of observation videos on the Redondo Beach Pier on March 17, 2012. The wind was very strong that day moving nature in powerful ways. It felt like the earth was a real live being. The videos are rotated on purpose to make the animal aspect of earth more evident. Nausea. And […]


This piece questions what is considered art today (hint: almost anything decorative). The leaf was carved by aphids while the background was marked by snails, with some participation from the human animal. While the insect and snail’s purpose wasn’t reflective, something “interesting” was created. I thus consider this art. “Animal Graffiti” will be featured in […]

NOTHING (but work and possible memories)

The time has come to bring to fruition the various more conceptual art projects I have stored in my imagination in the last couple of years, having been too busy with commissioned work. They will be completed in the order of deadlines (if they can submitted for something) or in the growing order of time […]


The process of making something doesn’t end with a finished product, but with the end of the product. Looking at the entire life of something made means to look at its life-cycle. William McDonough devoted an entire book, Cradle to Cradle, to explain the necessity of this holistic approach to achieving a true ecological balance. […]